ECAD/MCAD Integration

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite bridges the gap between electronic and mechanical design, enhancing the design flow by reducing the number of design iterations – clearance errors are avoided, accuracy is improved as part locations can be aligned precisely to the mechanical enclosure, and resources are optimized by bringing physical verification tools into the CADSTAR design environment.

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite enables bi-directional data translation between CADSTAR and any 3D mechanical design system via the generic STEP or ACIS data format

Key Features
Create a fully detailed 3D model of your PCB design to enhance product documentation
Verify absolute clearance between components and mechanical fixings
Visualize entire complex assemblies to manipulate both electronic and mechanical design information in a single consistent environment.
Manipulating graphics in 3D is straightforward with a SpaceMouse®, while accurate positioning of items in all three axes can be achieved using the built-in align tool. This means PCB parts can be relocated to avoid potential clashes with other parts or the enclosure; dynamic clearance errors are displayed as items are moved and can display the exact point of conflict.
Multiple PCBs can be converted and modeled together to conduct collision checks and measurements to verify the complete product, including mechanical items such as enclosures, connectors and cables.
Board Modeler Lite incorporates a Generator3D model wizard for electronic components, or components can be imported from a number of online resources.

Datasheet: CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

Board Modeler Lite bridges the process between the MCAD and the ECAD design flow by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines.


    What's Your Favorite CADSTAR PCB Design Tool?

    We all approach different tasks in different ways and as PCB designers we all have very different ways of working, even though the task at hand effectively requires the same outcome.


    The Top Three Things Engineers Use 3D for in CADSTAR

    We live in a 3D world (OK, four if you count time). Over a decade ago 3D made a comeback in cinemas. And in the world of engineering, most mechanical design engineers have worked in 3D for decades. But it’s only relatively recently that electrical/electronic engineers have been able to fully join the 3D world – and wow, what a difference it’s made!


    Malvern Instruments Enhances Data Collaboration Between ECAD and MCAD and Improves Manufacturing Data with CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

    As electronics engineers we often perceive the electronics design encapsulated in the PCB assembly to be the core of the product. At Malvern Instruments, however, that is not the case as their advanced instruments are primarily mechanical in nature so the electronics forms a critical, but secondary, element of the finished product.


    Need 3D Models for Your ECAD & MCAD Analysis? Create Them Yourself with CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

    We all like the job to be done for us. But the reality is that you’re nearly always stuck with just a few 3D models left to populate your board model, and they are nowhere to be found on the internet. Rather than accepting the less than accurate 2.5D extrusion for your chassis and collision analysis, you can use CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite to generate accurate models in minutes.


    Tips and Tricks for PCB Design Collision Checking in CADSTAR

    Who performs PCB design collision checking in your company? Is it the PCB designer, or do you simply pass it over to the mechanical engineers? Either way, you’ll find something to help you with our top three tips and tricks on collision checking.


    Light Bulb Moments: Discovering New Uses for Board Modeler with MCAD Design

    Recently, I was working on a project with an electronic design group and we decided to start the 3D modeling of the complete assembly to start some joint analysis with the mechanical engineering team. So we fired up Board Modeler and started to insert STEP models for the components and connectors on the board. As usual, I searched to see what models were already available in the existing mechanical library and we found most of the connectors, but luck was not on our side when we searched for the BGA or DIP packages (or for any board-level components) that matched the parts used on the board.


    University of OSLO Expands CADSTAR Use to Design Weather Satellite to Research Effects of Solar Storms

    CADSTAR is currently being used for the PCB design of a miniature space weather satellite due to be launched in 2013 called CubeSTAR. This new satellite is being designed to perform research on the phenomenon of electron clouds.


      Creating Board Outlines

      Measuring Distances and Checking Clearances

      Creating 3D Part Models

      Running Batch Collision Checks

      Adding Mechanical Enclosures

      CADSTAR Board Modeler

      Datasheet: CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

      Board Modeler Lite bridges the process between the MCAD and the ECAD design flow by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines.

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      “Board Modeler Lite is a vital tool for us, as we design many boards for the mobile industry where devices need to be as thin as possible, meaning that tolerances are very tight. The boards themselves also need to follow the housing contour, with curves, indents and keep-out areas. We are able to test boards within the test fixture and Board Modeler Lite also allows us feed the exact 3D data from the PCB to the 3D design environment.”
      – Eero Leiononen, Director

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