CADSTAR Design Migration Tools

For many companies the most significant barrier to investing in new tools is the need to maintain legacy designs, and the continuing support of design re-use.

IP Legacy

Maintaining two systems is impractical. Many engineering firms have a substantial portfolio of designs and they need to be maintained to support the existing customer base, and especially to avoid component obsolescence issues.This is particularly important for the industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and defence markets that can have product lifetimes of 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Maintaining those legacy designs that are on the shelf, especially robust, well proven elements within these designs, is equally important for design re-use.

Design Migration

Design migration to a new tool suite need not be difficult, nor overly time-consuming. Utilising the features within CADSTAR software can bring distinct advantages in protecting and retaining your historical IP for design re-use and managing obsolescence.

Zuken’s CADSTAR solution integrates a Design Migration tool within all bundles that includes additional features to better support and exploit legacy design data.

Dedicated features are provided within the CADSTAR PCB Design Editor for importing schematic, PCB design and library data. The process is straightforward and largely transparent to the user. It is fully quality controlled so that the design connectivity and device information is transferred, with as much detail as possible, including symbols, footprints and other elements.

Designs can be imported from a number of third party packages, including;

  • Pads (Mentor Graphics)
  • OrCAD (Cadence)
  • PCAD/Protel/Altium Designer (Altium).
CADSTAR Design Migration