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CADSTAR Design Viewer

CADSTAR Design Viewer is a free download that lets you easily share and access CADSTAR design data.

Built on the same GUI as CADSTAR itself the tool is very easy to use and makes design data accessible to any user, even occasional users, with easy viewing and sharing of schematic and PCB design data enabling management, project leaders, design partners and customers with direct access to design data in order to plan projects, track and review progress.

Managers and customers can see actual design progress for themselves and make appropriate decisions at any time during the project. Other design disciplines, such as manufacturing, purchasing and mechanical engineering, can participate much sooner in the project. As the PCB design evolves, they can make real time adjustments to product requirements, shortening time to market.

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Improving communication between multidisciplinary teams is a key way companies can maintain a competitive edge and promote design quality. Where PCB designs are outsourced, this becomes even more important.

In a typical scenario, Electronic Designers want to pass back comments while reviewing the design. Or, once a product has been assembled, Mechanical Engineers need to communicate an issue affecting manufacturing.


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Post-processing Generation
CADSTAR PCB Design Viewer

CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus dramatically improves workgroup dynamics by increasing project productivity, either in standalone mode or when used in conjunction in a CADSTAR design environment.

CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus allows the creation of full manufacturing data, BOMs and custom reports. The snap and measure tool enables accurate design data verification. CADSTAR Design Viewer has various output types: Gerber, Excellon, Seib & Meyer, IPCD356 etc. and allows the creation of full manufacturing data, BOMs and custom reports.

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Free Viewer Software

CADSTAR PCB Design Viewer

The CADSTAR Design Viewer is a free product that lets you share and access CADSTAR design data very easily on any of your preferred Windows platforms.

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