About Zuken

Your Partner for Success

Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design and related manufacturing processes through the provision of leading edge software and consulting services. Our unique combination of proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates best in class solutions. Our transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business produces long lasting and successful customer partnerships.


Zuken provides market-leading software and services. Our technology strengths are based on our experience working with leading manufacturing companies around the world. Zuken helps implement product development processes that work in global markets.

Electronics technologies are evolving every day – but it is not easy to replace a development environment once it has been introduced. In order to meet the latest design needs in a timely manner, Zuken employs an open and scalable architecture in its software products. In addition to routinely enhancing software functionality, Zuken also engages in product development that emphasizes the ability to adapt flexibly to customer design environments.

At Zuken we not only seek to improve software functionality, but also tackle the challenge of how to achieve outstanding results for our customers as quickly as possible. Zuken’s experienced support staff provide unmatched startup assistance, as well as support services that free designers from dealing with ancillary tasks.

Utilizing a network that extends to countries across the globe, Zuken proactively creates spaces for the exchange of information between customers. The Zuken Innovation World conferences are held in countries that lead the world in technology including Japan, the United States, and Germany. The events provide information on advanced initiatives and cutting-edge technology from various nations, and are highly valued by our customers.

Message from the President

Working to Be a Company That Serves Our World Better Than Ever

Our universal value is to make our world better through the software we supply.

I believe our mission is to provide outstanding software and services that underpin the activities of manufacturing companies as they consistently produce exceptional products. This is how we can ensure that Zuken serves our world better than ever.

Facing an unprecedented tide of technological innovation, today’s manufacturing companies are constantly striving to heighten their own unique advantage. Zuken will continue supporting these companies by providing cutting-edge IT solutions and outstanding consulting services within each individual customer’s product development process. Rallying all our resources, we will boost our capabilities at both the organizational and individual levels so that we can fully address a wider range of needs than ever before. Above all, we will continue striving to be worthy of our role as our customers’ partner for success.

Makato Kaneko, Zuken
Global Network

Challenges in the global markets accelerate our growth

Manufacturing takes place all over the world, and the products manufactured in these many locations are sent out into global markets. The environment confronting the manufacturing industry is becoming more globalized and borderless at an ever-increasing pace. In response to these conditions, Zuken is promoting global business activities in all areas of marketing, development, and sales support.

Zuken’s network spans 13 countries around the world, in Europe, Asia, and North America. Zuken has established a system that enables us to continuously refine our technologies through initiatives with our global customers in order to offer them the best possible solutions. Zuken aims to be a partner that supports the success of, and is trusted by, manufacturing companies the world over. Zuken will continue to take on new challenges.

Global Gathering
Our History

December 1976

Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc. was established inIsogo-ku, Yokohama.

Zuken Create 2000

June 1978

Japan's first full-scale CAD/CAM system Create 2000, for the design of printed circuit boards, was developed

United States flag

November 1983

Zuken America Inc. (now Zuken USA Inc.) was established in California in the U.S.

January 1988

CR-3000 (PWS), a printed circuit board CAE/CAD/CAM network workstation was developed.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

October 1991

Registered in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first EDA corporation.

German flag

January 1992

Zuken Europe GmbH (now Zuken E3 GmbH) established in Germany.

Singapore flag

August 1992

Zuken Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.

Chinese flag

August 1993

Opening of Beijing office in China.

CR-5000 logo

April 1994

EDA vertical integration solution CR-5000 was developed.

United Kingdom flag

June 1994

Zuken acquired all the shares of Racal-Redac Ltd. of the United Kingdom.

September 1994

Moved up to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Automotive Industry

March 2000

Started providing a wire harness design environment for the automotive industry.

August 2002

Zuken (Shanghai) Technical Center Co., Ltd. was established in China.

February 2004

Announcement of ePLM DS-2, a PLM solution specially designed for electrical and electronics industries.

Taiwan flag

August 2005

Zuken Taiwan Inc. established in Taiwan.

May 2006

Zuken acquired Germany's CIM-Team (Now Zuken GmbH).

May 2010

Zuken acquired a 14% share in Lattice Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the second biggest shareholder.

CR-8000 launch

June 2011

Worldwide release of CR-8000, a new generation electronic device design platform, and the start of the sales of the new product Design Force completed Zuken's system-level electronics design environment.

Zuken SOZO CEnter

September 2013

Zuken SOZO Center established in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Zuken Global Automotive Office

August 2014

Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center was established in Erlangen, Germany.

February 2015

DiverSync Corporation established.

India flag

March 2015

Zuken India Pte. Ltd. established in India.

July 2015

Zuken took over YDC Corporation's CADVANCE business (CAD and PLM operations)

Financial Information

A Solid Financial Foundation

For the manufacturing industry, product development is an important, fundamental operation that determines future growth. Zuken provides solutions required for competitive product development. For us to support our customers’ strategic product development and give them long-term confidence in our solutions, we must have solid financial foundations ourselves.

Also, in the world of information technology, where technological innovation is intense, we must invest flexibly in order to continue providing cutting-edge technology in a timely manner. For this reason, since our founding, we have established and maintained a solid financial foundation as one of our most important management strategies.

  • Operating income ratio: 8.6%
  • Shareholders’ equity ratio: 69%
  • Current ratio: 344.3%
Financial information
Business Philosophy

Zuken provides infrastructures for design and production to help customers increase their global competitiveness.

Ceaseless technological innovation continues in the electronics and automobile industries, which have become the driving forces of the Japanese economy. As international competition intensifies in these industries, the ability to quickly introduce high-performance new products is becoming the key to survival.

Significantly reducing time to market for new products requires comprehensive optimization of the entire process from design to production. This requires deploying the latest technology to build a completely new and optimal infrastructure, rather than simply modifying existing resources.

The conventional method of system integration – selecting, integrating and customizing existing design systems and tools – has limitations because each customer has a unique environment and faces a different set of challenges. Consequently, the development of new design and information systems that correspond to the customer’s objectives is essential.

With experience and know-how acquired over more than a quarter century and proprietary software development capabilities, Zuken is ideally positioned to create new infrastructures for each customer. The needs of Zuken’s customers are also growing more sophisticated, and Zuken has the core competencies to meet them. Zuken is deploying its accumulated experience and expertise in structuring its operations to quickly deliver the solutions customers require.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance for our solutions is a central part of the Zuken culture. We have formed a global Quality Control Task Force whereby Japanese, German, and British software engineers work together during the development and test phases for each solution. The Task Force defines and applies strict company-wide quality standards in all development centers.

Every solution (tool suite) developed at Zuken is tested during the development phase and has to pass through two rigorous quality control cycles upon completion:

Quality Control 1

  • Thorough testing of all new functionality and the core of the tools

Quality Control 2

  • The tools are tested for their ability to integrate within the complete design environment
  • The full design cycle is tested on actual customer data
  • Beta sites use the software and report any faults

During all phases, the progress of testing and fixing is constantly monitored using web-based management technology.

We constantly review our testing procedures to ensure adequate coverage and we refine our quality measurement procedures on an ongoing basis during all quality control cycles. This ensures that any software that Zuken delivers has quality built in.

quality assurance engineer

Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE® (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) is an industry-specific standard derived from the ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) for software process assessments.

This method is increasingly used by companies to objectively evaluate a supplier’s processes and identify process improvements required at the project and organizational level.

Zuken is certified at Level 2 status for CR-5000 Board Designer, gained through an assessment by accredited auditors at Continental Automotive GmbH – one of the leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers worldwide. This demonstrates that Zuken’s projects and processes are systematically planned and tracked. It gives partner companies assurance that processes are in place to achieve common standards and working practices and confidence that they will be able to maintain their supply chain.

Automotive Industry