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Case Studies and Testimonials

Learn how Zuken has helped a variety of companies achieve their goals. Our successful customers span the military, aerospace, automotive, machinery, consumer products and machinery industries.

Technology Partners
Arburg: PCB Design for Injected Mold Machines

ARBURG is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines. Through its central development and production processes at the company’s headquarters in Lossburg, Germany; they guarantee the high quality standard for which ARBURG products are famous the world over. That‘s why they use the best tools, such as Zuken‘s CR-5000 software, in the development department.

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Endress + Hauser: PCB Engineering Case Study

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. With PCB data and process management solutions from Zuken, the company has standardized development and manufacturing processes across five geographically-distributed operations, enabling company-wide parts standardization, design-reuse and increased engineering productivity.

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Renishaw: Design Complex Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Renishaw migrated to Design Gateway and Design Force, part of Zuken’s CR-8000 PCB design suite, primarily to help with the design and analysis of next-generation flexible PCBs. Working in 3D for the first time, Renishaw’s PCB designers noticed a host of benefits, including fixing housing fit issues upfront and easier component placement. They also boosted their controlled impedance routing for high frequency signals using electromagnetic field solvers in Design Force. Working in 3D has enhanced collaborative engineering within Renishaw.

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Rohde & Schwarz logo

Rohde & Schwarz manages variants with increased efficiency using Zuken’s CR-5000 suite. In a sophisticated design flow, the schematic provides a master data set that drives all PCB assembly variants.

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Toshiba logo

Toshiba faced a difficult design problem: their TransferJet™ technology was embedded in a customer cell phone, and when the next rev of the phone came around, they learned that they needed to shrink the board from 8mm x 8mm to 4.5mm x 6mm, and they had to shrink the module thickness from 1.7mm to 1.0mm.

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Cummins logo

“With design teams around the world, we need a PCB and system-level design platform that allows our teams to work concurrently and also deals with complex multi-board designs. Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force does this and more. Because of advanced multi-board capabilities and an integrated high-speed design environment, we collaborate effectively while pushing technology boundaries, which play an important role in our product development.”

– Jerry Murray, PCB Design Team Leader

E5d logo

“We extensively use CR-5000 Lightning Power Integrity Advance in our designs to support our ‘right first time’ design process. It helps us to identify problems at the earliest stages, eliminating design re-spins and reducing our overall development costs.”

– Jeff Williams, Design Manager

Enics logo

“We aim to be the partner of choice for Industrial focused OEMs when they are looking for professional EMS solutions. With Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force we have state-of-the-art technology to help us respond to the latest trends in the electronics industry. We also expect to see a remarkable boost in productivity due to a more streamlined process and tighter integration with simulation tools.”

– Patrik Modig, Site Manager

Kardinal Microsystems

“We have extremely ambitious goals that require state-of-the-art design solutions and a partner with a proven history of technological innovation. Zuken USA has the technology we need; particularly in the area of chip/package/board co-design. This partnership is essential for our business to succeed.”

– Pascal Nsame, CEO and Founder

Microsoft logo

“Zuken’s DS-2 data management software offered everything we needed. As the Surface™ portfolio of products grew, data management for electrical design became an increasingly critical element of our process, and we were excited about the opportunity DS-2 provides to better integrate supply chain optimization directly into design decisions right at the engineer’s desktop. We are in the second phase of deployment managing our component library, and so far we are very pleased with the results.”

Erik von Fuchs, Director of Engineering, Surface Products

Panasonic: Printed Circuit Board Design for Consumer Electronics

“In the development of the world’s thinnest and lightest 20-inch large-screen 4K tablet, CR-8000 Design Force’s system-level SI and thermal analysis effectively reduced the number of design spins during the project. Due to the success of this project, we will make more efforts with Zuken to develop our next generation 4K tablet using CR-8000 Design Force.”

Mr. Kiyoshi Nakanishi, 4K Tablet development manager

Pegatron logo

“Previous CAD architecture had already become dated and we were encountering limitations in our ability to respond to new circuit board technologies, and in keeping up with the latest software technologies. We have nothing but high praise for the Zuken development team, who produced results through active efforts under Pegatron proprietary technical requirements, and the outstanding flexibility of CR-8000, which has enabled us to pursue expanded functionality on our own. We are confident that utilizing this data and transferring design data will help us to expand our company’s business.”

Mr. Steven Huang, Senior Director RD Center-EA, SIM & CAE Division

Siemens logo

“We’ve found that System Planner and Design Gateway help our design teams collaborate effectively throughout our electronic system design process because our requirements are managed and implemented in one integrated environment. We are able to complete our technical feasibility studies earlier, which enables us to provide a major benefit to our customers by getting quotations to them faster.”

– Michael Flügel, project manager EDA software, Siemens Rail Automation

Alstom: Power Systems and Transport Electrical Design

After acquiring various companies around the globe in the 1990s, Alstom needed to integrate these new elements into its international corporate structure in a meaningful way. This also meant creating a standardized software landscape that would cover all divisions of the group. In both the Power Systems and Transport divisions, Alstom’s electrical engineering departments opted for Zuken’s E3.series software, and is now widely used around the globe.

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ARM Automation logo

ARM Automation designs, builds and supports custom automated manufacturing systems for a wide range of industries. The electrical design of these systems can be complex, running up to several hundred drawing sheets. Using E3.series intelligent schematics to drive the electrical design process, the company has reduced their development time by two-thirds.

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ATK: Space Shuttle Cable Design

ATK was tasked by NASA with designing the wiring harnesses for the booster rockets powering the replacement for the Space Shuttle while employing a team that is significantly smaller than that used on the now-cancelled Ares I project. ATK accomplished its mission by using E3.series to substantially increase productivity, while eliminating the need for a physical mock-up and costly test lab.

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BCA Leisure logo

BCA Leisure has been using E3.series for a number of years and recently started using E3.cable, part of Zuken’s E3.series suite, which is now heavily relied upon during the development of 100+ different prototype harnesses each year. This is followed by provision of detailed production drawings to the shop floor.

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Bruker: X-Ray Analysis Electrical Design

To improve the quality of its electrical documents such as wiring diagrams, and to raise its design efficiency, Bruker AXS GmbH Karlsruhe implemented Zuken’s E3.series at all stages. The manufacturer of X-ray analysis systems uses E3.series from concept and production to service.

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Emergency One: Fire Engine Electrical Design

Specialist fire rescue and emergency vehicle manufacturer, Emergency One UK Ltd, uses E3.series software for its electrical harness design. This has enabled the company to produce wire harnesses to standardize the design and manufacturing process reaping, cost savings and reliability benefits, while also delivering flexibility through modular based customization.

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Hydro Quebec Duchesnay

Hydro-Québec has simplified the design process by implementing Zuken’s E3.series cable application management software to manage both the logical and physical design and ensure their consistency. The company has additionally achieved time savings by using subcircuits and templates to duplicate the scores of circuits that are repeated many times both within and across projects.

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Kassbohrer: Special Vehicle Electrical Design

Kässbohrer Transport Technik, located in Eugendorf near Salzburg, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle transporters. Highest quality requirements and state-of-the-art technologies in production are the basis for technically innovative vehicle transporters with maximum functionality and optimum load factor.

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KRONE: The Power of Green

KRONE, a major brand in the agricultural machinery market, implemented an interdisciplinary product development process. Using Zuken’s E3.series they linked ECAD, MCAD and ERP to develop an integrated digital engineering and sourcing process, achieving sizable benefits for both sourcing and service. With an integral representation of mechanical and electrical product information, KRONE was able to make solid progress in implementing its major business optimization strategies: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0.

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Mecalac: Heavy Plant Machinery Electrical Design

Mecalac designs and manufactures heavy plant vehicles for use in construction. There are three main vehicle types – backhoe loaders, site dumpers and compaction rollers – of which there are several variants of each. They all need to work in harsh environments. In 2016 the company (then known as Terex GB) decided to give its TLB990, one of the company’s most popular backhoe loaders, an engineering makeover. They used a number of Zuken’s E3.series tools for the development of the vehicle’s four cable harnesses and, in doing so, Mecalac estimated it has halved the amount of time it takes to develop harnesses. The OEM also anticipates making further reductions in the near future.

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Kellenberger logo

Kellenberger develops and produces numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery. The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%. They also significantly simplified the machine configuration process through the introduction of options and variants.

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Mueller Martini logo

Müller Martini supplies highly flexible, customized print processing machines to the graphics industry. The Swiss-based company recently took the replacement of an end-of-life CAD installation as an opportunity to re-engineer established procedures in electrical engineering and handover to production. By introducing E3.series, up to 80% off all machine configurations can now be selected from the feature tree of one single E3.series project. They also use E3.series data for NC control in cabinet manufacturing to cut overall manufacturing costs.

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Pantec Automation logo

When Pantec Automation’s customers faced pressure from low-cost counterfeit machinery, they realised the best way to fight back was to help customers reduce their own costs. Through wholesale efficiency improvements achieved by expanding its use of Zuken’s E3.series and integrating it into its ERP/PPS, Pantec Automation enabled its customers to better serve end-users.

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Stone Aerospace: Cable Design for the Space Industry

Stone Aerospace faced the pressure of a tight schedule in designing a one-of-a-kind underwater autonomous vehicle (AUV) capable of traveling 15km under the Antarctic ice shelf. The AUV acts as a testing ground to validate an aircraft-mounted radar system that will be used in a space mission. The time needed to design the wiring harness for the AUV was reduced by around 12 weeks and $20,000 was saved by using E3.series to automate many aspects of the design process, while integrating the logical and physical design on a single platform.

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Weidmueller: Cabinet Engineering

At Hannover Fair 2016 Weidmüller unveiled the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) alongside the latest addition to its portfolio – the Klippon Connect® series of terminal blocks.The new configurator was developed in a three-year collaboration with Zuken. According to the company, this software solution streamlines the process of selecting, planning and ordering terminal rail components enhancing the efficiency in the engineering process by up to 75%.

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BAE Systems logo

BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea. The AS90 is an armoured self propelled Howitzer which was initially designed for combat in the cold war and now supports troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, it finds itself in a whole new battlefield with a whole new purpose.

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Raymarine logo

Raymarine produces a wide range of recreational marine electronics products including Radar and Autopilots. The company’s rate of innovation and new product development has been accelerating and they now design some 30 to 35 printed circuit boards for use in these products each year.

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TEWS Technologies: Concurrent Power Integrity Case Study

TEWS Technologies encountered challenges around power distribution on PCBs for their embedded interface modules, due to today’s increasingly complex designs. By adding CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance module to their high-speed design flow they are now meeting targets for right-the-first time designs and achieve rapid compliance with power integrity constraints.

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Blackstar Amplification logo

“Our designs have many common building blocks and CADSTAR allows us to use this to our advantage to produce new product designs quickly and accurately. We had been looking to change our design software when we found out about CADSTAR Lite. After discovering the vast functionality it provides, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get Zuken’s technology plus email support from the local distributor, at such a competitive price – so we immediately bought two seats! We will be looking to upgrade in the future, but for now CADSTAR Lite provides us with a breadth of capabilities for everything we need and more.”

– Cliff Brown, Design Engineer

C-TEC logo

“There are some real benefits to be gained from using this App – especially the numerous small time savings and the ease-of-use that it offers. As long-time users of CADSTAR, we are pleased to see the continual progression of the software and that Zuken has been quick to adopt apps, making use of devices that are now part of everyday life.”

– Graham Williamson, Senior Electronics Engineer