About SiliconExpert

Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert enables electronics manufacturers to strategically mitigate component level obsolescence risk.   With over 400 electrical, software and data engineers handcrafting our component database of over one billion parts, we deliver the most comprehensive set of data, services, and tools in the industry.

Customers globally use our solutions to proactively manage component obsolescence risk, avoid costly redesigns, and save time with access to everything you need to know about billions of parts, and hundreds of product lines, from over 15,000 suppliers all in one location.


Solution Overview

The procurement group, design engineering, and component engineering all have varying opinions and needs regarding the information contained in their corporate ElectronicElectrical component library. In most companies this has led to the proliferation of multiple databases, each serving the specific data requirements of the group that maintains it. This situation has led to component research becoming an arduous task for design engineers.

Zuken and Silicon Expert have partnered to simplify the task of component selection by delivering critical component information to the engineers desktop. Zuken’s DS-CR data management solution pulls component information from Silicon Expert to provide the engineer with a complete and up to date view of the component.  DS-CR can then alert the engineer of any critical status changes.


Component Library and Supply Chain

Webinar: Connect Your Component Library to the
Supply Chain and Avoid a Manufacturing Crisis


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