Manufacturing Data Production

Board Producer

The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality. Zuken’s manufacturing tools are tightly integrated with manufacturing to ensure that boards are manufacturable first time. They support the latest manufacturing technologies, including build-up boards and embedded components.

Board Producer provides single database support of both layout and manufacturing that allows manufacturing features to be integrated into an existing design. Non-conductive patterns may be added during manufacturing design and the manufacturing rules database is monitored in real-time during the manufacturing design process.


  • A common manufacturing and layout database means that boards are correct-by-design.
  • Automatic production of accurate manufacturing data cuts set-up time.
  • Effective test point insertion and editing capabilities result in boards that are more quickly and easily tested.
  • Full support for the latest CAM standards including output and checking of photo data, drill data and NC-format settings.
Screens and Stencils

Board Producer creates automatic silkscreen designs and checks for missing symbols and unwanted overlaps. Automatic trimming functions restrict the silkscreen from covering holes and pads. Solder resist design tools include checks for missing features, clearance checks between resist features and board outline and solder bridging checks. Pad placement within solder resist can be checked for concentricity within configurable tolerances. Paste stencil design tools include similar checking functionality and powerful 2D drafting capabilities allow, for example, magnification of detailed sections to be added to design documentation.

Test Point Editing

Board Producer allows effective test point editing through a variety of event, display and output functions. Indication of offsets and event restrictions for specific components is supported and test point information can be fed back to circuits or output in report format. Test point distribution can be viewed using an optional color matrix display and generic ICT information can be exported in ASCII format for each PCB and manufacturing panel.

Plotting and Printing

With panelized data, plots may be displayed on the screen for verification before actual plotting and screen dumps can be generated during any phase of the design, reducing the need for paper check plots. Batch plot parameters may be set to output all required plots with one command.

High-precision CAM/Mounting Data

Board Producer supports laser photo plotter specialized functions including polygon output, user-defined aperture figure, output, irregular flash data output, etc. Parameters created can be saved and re-used. Tool codes for drill data can be allocated using precise hole data and setting detailed conditions for automatic allocation is also supported. Tool-unit output sequences, test coupons and accessory holes can also be integrated. There is support for open slotted hole creation using multiple drill bit passes and for the use of circular holes to create square holes. The creation of drill data for build-up PCBs is also facilitated. NC-format settings for photo and drill data are produced in a dedicated GUI and the settings can be saved in list format for easy exchange with other locations.


Powerful functions allow efficient design of manufacturing panels. Rules are dynamically checked during the design cycle and these can include carrier rail clearances, child-to-panel clearances and child-to-child clearances.

Single, multiple or mixed PCBs may be mounted in the same panel and boards can be flipped to accommodate copper consistency across the panel. Automatic surface generation allows the panel to be flooded with copper and meshed very quickly. In the case of identical PCBs, automatic panelization can be carried out based on, for example, the number of PCBs in the X and Y directions.

Gerber Data

This module is used to convert Gerber data into Board Designer data and it is supported by a range of editing commands. A wide range of different types of Gerber data and NC data can be read using Board Designer’s manufacturing condition database and the module offers automatic analysis functionality. A range of dedicated editing commands using surface conversion functions, node creation functions, and pad-stacking functions for flash data is provided and CR-5000 creates PCB data from Gerber data read in the form of stream data.

Board Reverse

Inversion and grouping of PCB data can be carried out to place a board’s component side and solder side on the same layer.


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Datasheet: Board Producer

The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality.

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    Datasheet: Board Producer

    The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality.