CR-8000 Resource Library

Transitioning from Architecture Design to Detailed Design

PCB Design softwareThis webinar is Part 3 of a 3 part series covering the systems engineering process of converting product or system requirements into a viable and robust hardware architecture and then moving that architecture directly into detailed design without any manual re-entry.

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Creating and Optimizing a Hardware Architecture

Hardware architectureThis webinar is Part 2 of a 3 part series covering the systems engineering process of converting product or system requirements into a viable and robust hardware architecture and then moving that architecture directly into detailed design without any manual re-entry.

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Hardware Architecture Design and Validation

Hardware architecture designThis webinar is Part 1 of a 3 part series covering the systems engineering process of converting product or system requirements into a viable and robust hardware architecture and then moving that architecture directly into detailed design without any manual re-entry.

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Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design Basics

EMC Design BasicsIn this webinar we will explore the process for performing a quick EMC analysis followed by a more in-depth EMC analysis driven by properties assigned during schematic capture. The process to perform an EMC analysis will be demonstrated, with a subsequent review of the results.

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Product-based Virtual Prototyping Just Got Easy

Product-based virtual prototypingThis webinar will demonstrate a virtual prototyping solution that validates a set of product requirements against a proposed detailed design. Explore trade-offs and validate product targets across multiple domains that include cost, weight, functionality, PCB content and enclosure fit before committing to a detailed design.

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PCB Design Using an Engineering Knowledge Base

Engineering Knowledge BaseDuring this webinar we will demonstrate how to create, manage and grow an engineering knowledge base, and use that information to greatly improve your PCB design process.

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System-level Circuit Engineering

System-level Circuit EngineeringTraditional schematic entry tools offer the ability to create a single logical design to drive a single PCB layout. Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit engineering and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs.

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Avoiding Poor FPGA I/O Assignments for PCB Design

Optimizing FPGA PinsThe webinar will explore various points in the design flow where co-design of the FPGA and board layout can take place; this includes library part creation, schematic entry, I/O optimization and pin assignment management during board layout.

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Eliminate DDR3 Timing Errors with Constraint-based Routing

Constraint-based routingThis webinar explores how to realize a DDR3 system using constraints and validate the design’s timing margins.

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I/O Optimization with 3D SoC, SiP, and PCB Co-design

Chip package co designThis webinar is aimed to help the audience identify disconnects in the chip, package, and board design environment; and explore methods to optimize interconnects, improve design collaboration, and enable signal traceability and analysis across the complete system.

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Power Integrity Essentials for the PCB Design Process

Power Integrity Essentials WebinarThis session presents aspects of achieving good power integrity by defining key concepts, showing example layouts, and using PI analysis tools to help better understand PI effects and mitigation techniques.

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Avoid PCB & Enclosure Collisions with 3D Product Visualization

3D product visualizationThis webinar will present an approach to make ECAD / MCAD collaboration part of your standard design process. Easily import MCAD data and orient multiple PCBs within the enclosure and detect collisions.

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Board Modeler: Bridging the Gap between Electronic and Mechanical Design

Physical verificationDesign rework can cost you time and money. And going back and forth between ECAD and MCAD departments takes time.

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The Internet of Things and Modular Design

Modular Design and the Internet of Things white paperThis white paper covers how the shift to modular design bridges the gap between development and things, revolutionizing hardware design.

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End-to-end Hardware Architecture Design and Validation

Hardware architecture validation white paperThis white paper explores the benefits of bringing all these design domains together in a single tool that enables the translation of product requirements into an initial hardware architecture, ready for detailed design.

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3D Convergence of Multi-board PCB and IC Packaging Design

3D convergence white paperA new generation of 3D multi-board product level design tools offers major improvements by managing multi-board placement in both 2D and 3D, and enabling co-design of the chip, package and board in a single environment.

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Designing Products, Not Just Boards: The Shift to Product-centric Design

Product-centric PCB design white paperThis white paper explores the benefits of product-centric design and how it differs from current-generation PCB-centric processes and tools.

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Intellectual Property Management Tools Help Protect Against Design Theft

PCB Design IP Management white paperThis white paper looks at the extent and danger of intellectual property theft in today’s manufacturing environment, and considers how new generation ECAD software can help stem the problem.

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Arburg logoARBURG is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines. Through its central development and production processes at the company’s headquarters in Lossburg, Germany; they guarantee the high quality standard for which ARBURG products are famous the world over. That‘s why they use the best tools, such as Zuken‘s CR-5000 software, in the development department.

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Endress Hauser logoEndress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering.

With PCB data and process management solutions from Zuken, the company has standardized development and manufacturing processes across five geographically-distributed operations, enabling company-wide parts standardization, design-reuse and increased engineering productivity.

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Renishaw logoRenishaw migrated to Design Gateway and Design Force, part of Zuken’s CR-8000 PCB design suite, primarily to help with the design and analysis of next-generation flexible PCBs. Working in 3D for the first time, Renishaw’s PCB designers noticed a host of benefits, including fixing housing fit issues upfront and easier component placement. They also boosted their controlled impedance routing for high frequency signals using electromagnetic field solvers in Design Force. Working in 3D has enhanced collaborative engineering within Renishaw.

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Rohde &Y Schwarz logoRohde & Schwarz manages variants with increased efficiency using Zuken’s CR-5000 suite. In a sophisticated design flow, the schematic provides a master data set that drives all PCB assembly variants.

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Brochure: DS-CR

PCB Library and Design Data Management

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Datasheet: System Planner

System Planner is a system-level design environment for architecture of electronics systems and products.

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Datasheet: CR-8000 Library

The use of common library data throughout the whole design cycle is an essential element of the CR-8000 constraints-driven, right-by-construction methodology.

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Datasheet: Graphical Pin Manager - FPGA/PCB Co-design

Engineers continue to embrace programmable logical devices within their product designs in numerous applications across a wide range of industries.

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Datasheet: Design Gateway - Circuit Engineering

Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs.

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Design Force - Multi-board System Design

Design Force fully leverages the latest industry hardware and software capabilities, allowing users to design in a native 3D environment, obtaining optimal performance by utilizing native 64-bit, multi-threading, multi-core processors.

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Datasheet: Design Force - Chip, Package and Board Co-Design

Comprehensive system co-design recognizes the interaction between chip, package, and board data to reduce complexity, size and cost of the overall system.

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Datasheet: Design Force - Advanced Packaging

Traditional two dimensional design tools often fall short when it comes to studyingthe structure and routability of the advanced packages required for today’scomplex designs.

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Datasheet: Advanced Design for Manufacturing (ADM)

In the design and production of electronic products, manufacturability checks are difficult to perform manually and are often made after the design process has been completed.

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Datasheet: Circuit DR Navi - Engineering Knowledge

CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central repository integrated with the design process.

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    Design Force to AWR Microwave Integration

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