Advanced PCB Design Software Evaluation

Test Drive CR-8000: The only PCB design platform developed this century

Advanced PCB Design Software Evaluation

Building a competitive product today is much more difficult than a few years ago. Existing PCB-centric design processes are limited to a single PCB and do not provide the necessary tools for today’s competitive product development environment. PCB-centric design processes are falling behind.

Five Reasons to Consider CR-8000

Performance/Ease of Use

Multi-board PCB designBuilt on a state of the art 3D kernel, CR-8000 takes advantage of the latest software and hardware technology to deliver eye popping performance and a unique context sensitive user interface.

2D/3D Multi-board Design with MCAD Co-design

Co-designThe industry’s only 3D multi-board design platform. From schematic to PCB, you can design, manage and validate your design as a multi-board system. Add the enclosure via STEP and verify clearances.

Architecture Validation Eliminates the Big Problems

Optimize and validate your architecture before beginning detailed design. Build the functional design, plan the PCB(s) for size and coverage, check the enclosure fit and verify you hit the marketing requirements of cost, weight, power, etc. And then move it all effortlessly into detailed design.

Chip/Package/Board Co-design

Chip Package Board Co-designThe industry’s only chip/package/board co-design solution in one tool. Design and optimize your IC packaging design and never leave your PCB design. Eliminate today’s silo’d approach requiring data translation and multiple tools.

Built-in Analysis

EMC Design BasicsPerform SI/PI and EMI analysis without ever leaving the PCB layout tool. EMC analysis provides 35 user configurable checks with scoring to avoid those costly EMI problems. You can also export the design to a number of third party analysis tools including Ansys, CST and SiSoft.

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