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Why Do You Need a Notes Manager?

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Key Benefits

Ease of Use

An inbuilt editor helps users manage notes internally without relying on third-party applications. Multiple collections of notes can be managed to handle variances in requirements across projects.

  • Click a button to place notes at desired locations
  • Automatically manage note sequence and BOM numbers around objects
  • Manage notes on multiple levels like project, structure or drawing sheet
  • Create and manage hyperlinks for quick navigation

Drawing Notes Manager makes it easy for users to centrally manage all notes and categorize them based on standard or flag notes.

  • Augment notes with images and visual instructions
  • Five different note indicator shapes can be used to assist identification based on company standards
  • Note placement and control is configurable to ensure company standards can be followed with ease
  • Apply notes to components, devices as standard library management procedure
Time Savings

Import notes from an external application or creates from scratch to create a standard repository.

  • Notes can be automatically numbered across multiple drawings.
  • Re-sequence the numbers as required without the risk of duplication with a click of a button.
  • Bulk editing and updates of notes to avoid managing individual drawing notes