Electrical Schematic Design Software


E3.schematic is core to all E3.series modules and provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams, terminal plans and PLC’s. Its object oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time.

E3.series’ ECAD engine, designed by electrical engineers for electrical engineers, includes built in real-time design rule checks that prevent errors rather than finding them later and its intelligent component based parts library ensures only real parts are used and helps drive the design with automatic part selections.

E3.schematic manages all design data including affiliated documents, such as bill of materials and connection lists or assembly instructions and datasheets. Its object oriented data structure ensures manufacturing instructions always match the design data.

E3.schematic ease of use

Features and Benefits

Device duplication prevention
Short circuit prevention
Design reuse with centrally stored subcircuits
Automatic and parallel connections
Save, load, copy, rotate and mirror drawings and areas
Extensive functionality for exchanging symbols and components
Ensure only valid parts are used in designs
Component-driven intelligent parts libraries
Simple and complex variants and option management
Online cross references for connections and devices
Object and text hyperlinks
User-defined attributes
User-defined grid sizes, fonts and line types
Dynamic zooming and panning

Datasheet: E3.schematic - Control Design and Documentation

E3.schematic provides a comprehensive, Windows® based, solution for the design and documentation of today’s complex electrical power and control systems.

Standard I/O Format

Standard interfaces make it possible to import and export multiple data formats:

STEP AP203/214

E3.series accepts data from other ECAD systems and is easy to integrate into your existing design environment, with PDM, ERP or 3D M-CAD systems.

Terminal Configurations

Many suppliers of electrical components offer additional software tools, from electronic component catalogs to terminal configuration programs which are able to build or verify terminal strip configurations. Within E3.series these terminal strips can be ordered and used as pre-assembled parts.

Terminal strips used in E3.series are transferred to the terminal configurator where they are verified and processed. Terminal strips completed by the configurator can be back annotated to E3.series, in addition, pre-assembled terminal strips can be used directly within E3.series

E3.schematic terminal configurations
PLC Integration

PLC data held in the schematic is read into excel, where changes are applied and fed directly back into E3.series. PLC functions, addressees and location information can be managed centrally and then updated with a simple easy to use interface. In addition the tool checks for duplicate addresses and allows users to export data in the required PLC format.

E3.schematic PLC Integration
Automatic Wire Numbering

E3.series enables you to configure the wire numbers in the project based on circuit functionality and signal classification. The utility is also configurable for a number of additional industries, including machinery, rail and power.


Webinar: Electrical Wiring Checks Bring you Closer to Manufacturing Excellence

E3.series Wiring Checks works with your robust design data to create a step by step wiring and review system to accelerate deployment and manufacturing velocity. The system provides an efficient method to track, report and instruct a robust process to drive your amazing designs towards an amazing product.


Under the Hood of an Italian Motorsport Team using E3.series

As with Formula 1, big-name sponsorship adds to the excitement and glamour; and for Formula SAE Zuken is proud to sponsor teams in the EU and the US. The sponsorship with Firenze Race Team includes use of E3.series and CADSTAR, plus training and guidance during the design and manufacturing stages of the motorsport building project.


Zuken Addresses Complexity Challenge in E3.series 2018

The latest release of Zuken’s electrical and fluid engineering solution, E3.series, addresses the challenge of growing complexity within today’s products and processes. Key enhancements lie in the areas of topology planning, modularity support and variant handling, which are designed to support the requirements of manufacturing companies using modular product design to control complexity.


Zuken USA Launches eCommerce for eTraining

Zuken USA now allows users to purchase eTraining online and begin your course immediately. The new purchase process allows you to create and manage your eTraining account directly. Companies can now more cost effectively purchase a block of eTraining courses and allocate them across the organization.


The Irony of Green Technology and Engineering Departments

Zuken’s E3.series is a leading electrical design tool that can significantly help reduce errors and design while increasing collaboration across multiple teams. The efficiency and automation capabilities are virtually unmatched across multiple domains. In addition to the design tools, the E3.series suite has powerful redlining and other digital manufacturing assistance technologies to push your design to manufacturing efficiency to the next level.


Webinar: Why Use Automated ECAD Tools to Quote Wire Harnesses?

ECAD offers many advantages over traditional manual processes with the ability to select parts from a vast database of smart components and synchronization with your business systems like ERP to drive a complete quotation based on the design.


KRONE Integrates ECAD, MCAD and ERP to Enable Integrated Design and Sourcing

KRONE, a major brand in the agricultural machinery market, implemented an interdisciplinary product development process. Using Zuken’s E3.series they linked ECAD, MCAD and ERP to develop an integrated digital engineering and sourcing process, achieving sizable benefits for both sourcing and service. With an integral representation of mechanical and electrical product information, KRONE was able to make solid progress in implementing its major business optimization strategies: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0.


Müller Martini Enhances Variant and Option Handling and Reduces Manufacturing Costs by Moving to an Object-oriented ECAD Environment

By introducing E3.series,up to 80% off all Müller Martini's machine configurations can now be selectedfrom the feature tree of one single E3.series project.


ARM Automatioon Achieves Two-Thirds Electrical Design Time Reduction by Switching to E3.series

ARM Automation designs, builds and supports custom automated manufacturing systems for a wide range of industries.


Mecalac (Formerly Terex GB) Cuts the Time Taken to Develop Right-First-Time Cable Harnesses for Its Heavy Plant Vehicles

Mecalac Construction Equipment UK is a global manufacturer of compact plant machinery, providing market-leading solutions that maximize return on investment.


Kellenberger cuts time taken to generate customer-specific schematics by up to 90% by implementing options and variants in E3.series

The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.


Webinar: Smart Tools for Power Industry Electrical Design

Designing that infrastructure with accuracy and speed is an essential element of the strategic outlook. A design in the generation and distribution space requires careful attention to detail in every aspect from concept all the way through to documentation.  A smart tool approach can double your productivity. This webinar will contrast and explore the smart tool approach with current practices.


E3.series Integration with Creo, CATIA and NX for Wire Lengths and Harness Structures

Electrical and MCAD integration, if you’re not already doing it, has the potential to save you a good deal of time in the electrical product development process. On the most basic level you can cut out the prototype stage needed for calculating wire lengths. If you’re also working with E3.formboard, as well as the basic module (E3.cable), then you can obtain the entire harness structure.


Another Automotive Supplier Chooses E3.series for Harness Design and Manufacturing

Hot on the heels of Racetech and Teepee Electrical, another autosport supplier has recently opted for E3.series to design their harnesses. I’d like to introduce HCI Systems and the man behind the operation, Mike Tickner. Why E3.series… and why now, was the basis of our chat last week.