Exporting Wire Lists for Komax Cutting Machines


E3.ExportToKomax exports wire lists for Komax cutting machines. It exports wire list data in a .csv format for import into Komax +TopConvert which is the tool used for converting CSV files into the WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Standard) format used by Komax machines.

Before generating the output files, E3.ExportToKomax performs comprehensive check routines to make sure all wire are connected and available on the Komax machine in the required length range. Wires are output in separate bundles for each device and sequenced according to X, Y and Z coordinates.

  • All wires connected
  • All wires available on the Komax machine
  • All connector pin terminals available on Komax machine
  • Checks the length(s)
  • Upper warning limit
  • Lower warning limit
Bundle Outputs
  • Wires output in bundles
  • One bundle for each device
  • Splitting the bundle
  • All wires with the same assignment on a priority location
  • All wires with the same assignment outside the priority location
  • Sequence of wires according to X, Y, Z coordinates

Müller Martini Enhances Variant and Option Handling and Reduces Manufacturing Costs by Moving to an Object-oriented ECAD Environment

By introducing E3.series,up to 80% off all Müller Martini's machine configurations can now be selectedfrom the feature tree of one single E3.series project.


Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Electrical Engineering Tool

The growing number of E³.series applications and options reflects the growing complexity of the electrical engineering process itself. The engineering process has become increasingly concurrent: activities that once were performed one after another can now be carried out simultaneously. In a certain sense, with its object-oriented architecture that enables parallel development of schematic planning, fluid cable planning, and even cabinet and harness layout, E³.series was one of the first engineering software products to fully embrace the trend of concurrent engineering.

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