Hydraulics & Pneumatics

E3.fluid for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Cooling and Lubrication System Design

E3.fluid is the solution for designing and documenting all fluid systems. It is a complete, easy-to-use solution with core functionality optimized for the development of hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems.

E3.fluid can be used to develop standalone fluid schematics or combined with the electrical schematics to provide a mixed fluid and electrical design.

  • Standalone fluid design
  • Mixed fluid and electrical designs
  • Cross-reference between electrical and fluid design
    • Intelligent sheets prevent design errors (only fluid designs allowed on fluid sheets)
    • Combined bills of materials
  • Intelligent parts library
    • Part usage tracking
    • Extensive symbol library included
  • Automatic connections (Auto-connect)
  • Multiple design rule checks
  • Design reuse with predefined sub-circuits
  • Automatic assignment of quick connectors to hoses and tubes
  • Prevent incorrect hose and tube sizing

E3.fluid+ allows users to create multiple views of their equipment such as a valve shown in both the schematic and manifold drawing.

Making use of E3.series’ object oriented functionality E3.fluid ensures all documentation is always correct, irrespective of where modification are carried out.


Zuken Addresses Complexity Challenge in E3.series 2018

The latest release of Zuken’s electrical and fluid engineering solution, E3.series, addresses the challenge of growing complexity within today’s products and processes. Key enhancements lie in the areas of topology planning, modularity support and variant handling, which are designed to support the requirements of manufacturing companies using modular product design to control complexity.


Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Electrical Engineering Tool

The growing number of E³.series applications and options reflects the growing complexity of the electrical engineering process itself. The engineering process has become increasingly concurrent: activities that once were performed one after another can now be carried out simultaneously. In a certain sense, with its object-oriented architecture that enables parallel development of schematic planning, fluid cable planning, and even cabinet and harness layout, E³.series was one of the first engineering software products to fully embrace the trend of concurrent engineering.


Webinar: What's New in E3.series 2017

We will demonstrate workflows that help designers take the next leap in productivity in various industries like aerospace, harness manufacturing, industrial machinery etc. The attendees will have a chance to ask questions and learn about the latest developments towards fully automating your design workflow.


Webinar: Process Optimization in Electrical Engineering: Plant and Machinery Industry

Building on the webinar “Electrical and Fluid Engineering in the Internet of Things Era,” this webinar examines the specific requirements of the plant and machinery sector and shows examples of best practices.


Webinar: Electrical and Fluid Engineering in the Internet of Things Era

This webinar examines the changing role of electrical and fluid engineering in product development and examine approaches to providing an end-to-end electrical and fluid engineering process that is tightly integrated with mechanical and software engineering.

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