Mechanical CAD Interface

E3.3D Routing Bridge

To help strive for right-first-time design and to support full digital mock-ups Zuken have developed links between E3.series and all major MCAD vendors. Using the E3.3D Routing Bridge, schematic and connection information from E3.series can be interfaced to all major MCAD systems. Collaborating between E3.series and your chosen MCAD tool allows concurrent design. Mechanical engineers and electrical engineers can work independently or collaboratively.

Supported Systems

The following 3D Harness Design Systems are supported:

  • CATIA V5
  • Solid Works
  • PTC Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/Engineer)
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Siemens NX
  • Solid Edge
  • NX I-deas

Additional integrations are available upon request.

Solid Edge

KRONE Integrates ECAD, MCAD and ERP to Enable Integrated Design and Sourcing

KRONE, a major brand in the agricultural machinery market, implemented an interdisciplinary product development process. Using Zuken’s E3.series they linked ECAD, MCAD and ERP to develop an integrated digital engineering and sourcing process, achieving sizable benefits for both sourcing and service. With an integral representation of mechanical and electrical product information, KRONE was able to make solid progress in implementing its major business optimization strategies: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0.


ATK Increases Cable Design Productivity for Space Shuttle Booster Replacement using E3.series

ATK was tasked by NASA with designing the wiring harnesses for the booster rockets powering the replacement for the Space Shuttle while employing a team that is significantly smaller than that used on the now-cancelled Ares I project.


Mecalac (Formerly Terex GB) Cuts the Time Taken to Develop Right-First-Time Cable Harnesses for Its Heavy Plant Vehicles

Mecalac Construction Equipment UK is a global manufacturer of compact plant machinery, providing market-leading solutions that maximize return on investment.


Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Electrical Engineering Tool

The growing number of E³.series applications and options reflects the growing complexity of the electrical engineering process itself. The engineering process has become increasingly concurrent: activities that once were performed one after another can now be carried out simultaneously. In a certain sense, with its object-oriented architecture that enables parallel development of schematic planning, fluid cable planning, and even cabinet and harness layout, E³.series was one of the first engineering software products to fully embrace the trend of concurrent engineering.


E3.series Integration with Creo, CATIA and NX for Wire Lengths and Harness Structures

Electrical and MCAD integration, if you’re not already doing it, has the potential to save you a good deal of time in the electrical product development process. On the most basic level you can cut out the prototype stage needed for calculating wire lengths. If you’re also working with E3.formboard, as well as the basic module (E3.cable), then you can obtain the entire harness structure.


Seamless Wire Harness Design with E3.series and Solid Edge

Zuken and Siemens connect electrical design and mechanical CAD systems, helping engineers ensure electrical harness design accuracy. This technical solution brief from Design World explores how electrical wire harnesses designed using Zuken’s E3.series can be imported into Solid Edge for routing around a mechanical assembly.


    Transfer component information
    to MCAD
    Transfer to-from data to MCAD (including gauge, color, type)
    Collision / clash detection in MCAD
    Check bend radius violations (dependent on MCAD system)
    Calculate lengths of wires and segments in MCAD (dependent on MCAD system)
    Transfer lengths and segments back to E3.series (dependent on MCAD system)
    Automatic creation of
    manufacturing documentation in E3.formboard (dependent on MCAD system)

    Please note:

    • Some features may vary based on the mechanical cad system in use and the current version of the application.
    • Please reach out to us for more information.
    Mechanical CAD Interface
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    “Switching to E3.formboard – and using E3.Routing Bridge and E3.eCheck – is enabling us to be more productive as engineers and more competitive as an OEM of construction vehicles.”
    – Carl Worthington, Principal Electrical Engineer, Mecalac

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    Datasheet: E3.3D Routing Bridge

    Spatial Planning, Routing and Collision Checks in 3D