User-Defined Reports for Manufacturing

Reports of all data stored in E3.series

The generation of user-defined reports for manufacturing is simple. Any data stored in E3.series can be turned into any format of report, as defined by the user.

The reports are either configured using the E3.series API or defined with E3.reports or an alternative report generator.

E3.series User-Defined Report

E3.Toolbox empowers designers to maximize production value by helping create precise documentation without spending time with customization for different use cases. E3.Toolbox runs inside E3.series, providing a suite of tools catering to all industries and design principles.

E3.series Toolbox for Productivity

Webinar: Why Use Automated ECAD Tools to Quote Wire Harnesses?

ECAD offers many advantages over traditional manual processes with the ability to select parts from a vast database of smart components and synchronization with your business systems like ERP to drive a complete quotation based on the design.


Webinar: What's New in E3.series 2017

We will demonstrate workflows that help designers take the next leap in productivity in various industries like aerospace, harness manufacturing, industrial machinery etc. The attendees will have a chance to ask questions and learn about the latest developments towards fully automating your design workflow.