Schematic/Wiring Diagram Generator

E3.Wiring Diagram Generator

E3.Wiring Diagram Generator automatically generates schematics/wiring diagrams for development, service and after sales. It can also be used to migrate and create standardized diagrams from legacy systems. After defining the diagram placement and routing rules, schematic/wiring diagrams are generated automatically from a netlist (connection list in excel or CSV format).

The diagrams created by E3.Wiring Diagram Generator can subsequently be modified using E3.cable. Additional functionality includes deleting and automatically rerouting connections, system and subsystem modification using the Update tool. All modifications can be optionally listed and highlighted.

E3.Wiring Diagram Generator functionality is integrated in the E3.cable user interface with its own easy-to-use toolbar. A broad range of diagrams from simple from-to connections to more complex environments can be processed. For example, variants, splices, inline connectors and wiring display symbols are all supported.

“Our objective three years ago was to reduce the electrical architecture design cycle for a new car by 20%, requiring no extra resources, just improved process and product development integration. E3.Wiring Diagram Generator is proving to be instrumental in making this possible.”
– Paolo Puiatti, Power and Signal Distribution Manager, FIAT
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  • Automatic schematic creation
  • Automatic wiring diagram generation
  • Automatic updates
    • Comparison tool for updates
  • Un-connect and re-connect with automatic routing
  • Configurable import structure
    • Map attributes from file to required fields in E3.series
  • Creation of service documentation

Webinar: Electrical Wiring Checks Bring you Closer to Manufacturing Excellence

E3.series Wiring Checks works with your robust design data to create a step by step wiring and review system to accelerate deployment and manufacturing velocity. The system provides an efficient method to track, report and instruct a robust process to drive your amazing designs towards an amazing product.


Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Electrical Engineering Tool

The growing number of E³.series applications and options reflects the growing complexity of the electrical engineering process itself. The engineering process has become increasingly concurrent: activities that once were performed one after another can now be carried out simultaneously. In a certain sense, with its object-oriented architecture that enables parallel development of schematic planning, fluid cable planning, and even cabinet and harness layout, E³.series was one of the first engineering software products to fully embrace the trend of concurrent engineering.

    E3.series Wiring Diagram Generator

    Wire/Harness Design Automation Basics I

    Electrical and Wire Harness Design

    Datasheet: E3.Wiring Diagram Generator

    Automatically create wiring diagrams.