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Concurrent Design of Power Generation and Distribution Schematics and Panels

Power IndustryThis webinar will cover the design of large electrical projects. A vital element of the design process is the tracking of nomenclature, device and cable functions, assignments and placement.

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Wire/Harness Design Automation Basics I

Cable design softwareThis webinar, part 1 of a 2-part series, covers the logical part of the wire harness design process. At the end of the design flow of the logical part we use the topology and wiring path to assign wires and cables to a harness.

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Wire/Harness Design Automation Basics II

multi-view functionalityThis webinar follows our first webinar “Wire / Harness Design Automation Basics I” where we have seen the logical part of the design process. Now we will look at the physical part of the wire harness design process.

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Avoid Design Errors with a Connected Circuit Diagram and Panel Layout

Panel layoutPlease join us for this interactive technical webinar where panel design will be discussed and demonstrated. Learn how to avoid electrical panel design errors by using a connected circuit and panel layout solution.

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Detect Wire and Component Tolerance Violations

E3.eCheckPlease join us for this interactive technical webinar where tolerance failures and detection will be discussed and demonstrated. Insure that the maximum permissible current is not exceeded by the connected load. Verify the maximum voltage for correct operation is not exceeded.

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Streamlining Electrical System Design through Mechanical & Electrical Collaboration

aerospace industryIn a typical scenario, electrical and mechanical engineering departments have a tendency to work independently, communicating in a limited and often uncoordinated fashion, which can lead to costly, time-consuming errors.

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Functional Block Diagrams to Detailed System Wiring Diagrams – A New Integrated Approach

Functional Block DiagramsIn the area of System Design, System Engineers have accomplished their design tasks using an array of different tools including spreadsheets, diagramming programs and “dumb” graphics.

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The Modular Approach: A Guide to Multidisciplinary Success

Modular approach white paperThe white paper takes a look at the resulting tasks form an electronic, electrical and fluid engineering perspective and presents a pragmatic solution approach.

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Electrical Engineering Data Management: A Practical Foundation for a True Mechanical Data Model

Electrical engineering data management white paperIn this white paper, you will find numerous tips and suggestions to achieve a future-proof product development process (PDP).

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Domain-specific Data Management: The Missing Link to Product Success with Enterprise-wide PLM?

Domain specific data management white paperThis white paper considers the importance of data and process management for modern product development, and shows why electrical CAD data are best managed in a domain-specific environment that provides a basis for integration into enterprise-wide PLM and ERP environments.

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Free E3.series Viewer: Distribute E3.series Projects as Original Data

Free E3.series ViewerE3.viewer allows you to distribute E3.series projects as original data. This ensures accurate exchange of data with production, service, suppliers and customers, while providing powerful E3.series functionality, e.g. Search, Jump, Device Properties.


Case Study: Hydro-Québec Improves Greenfield Substation Design Productivity by 100% with Zuken E3.series

Hydro-Québec has simplified the design process by implementing Zuken’s E3.series cable application management software to manage both the logical and physical design and ensure their consistency.

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Case Study: Mecalac (formerly Terex GB) cuts the time taken to develop right-first-time cable harnesses for its heavy plant vehicles

Mecalac Construction Equipment UK is a global manufacturer of compact plant machinery, providing market-leading solutions that maximize return on investment.

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Case Study: Alstom improves productivity and planning by adopting a modular methodology for electrical design

After acquiring various companies around the globe in the 1990s, Alstom needed to integrate these new elements into its international corporate structure in a meaningful way.

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Case Study: ARM Automation achieves two-thirds electrical design time reduction by switching to E3.series

ARM Automation designs, builds and supports custom automated manufacturing systems for a wide range of industries.

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Case Study: ATK increases cable design productivity for space shuttle booster replacement using E3.series

ATK was tasked by NASA with designing the wiring harnesses for the booster rockets powering the replacement for the Space Shuttle while employing a team that is significantly smaller than that used on the now-cancelled Ares I project.

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Case Study: Bruker raises documentation quality and design flow efficiency for precision instrumentation with E3.series

To improve the quality of its electrical documents such as wiring diagrams,and to raise its design efficiency, Bruker AXS GmbH Karlsruhe implemented Zuken’s E3.series at all stages.

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Case Study: Emergency One controls wire harness design complexity and slashes delivery lead times with standardized design and manufacturing process

Specialist fire rescue and emergency vehicle manufacturer, Emergency One UK Ltd, uses E³.series software for its electrical harness design.

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Case Study: Kässbohrer Transport Technik achieves 60-90% reduction in electrical documentation turnaround for customer specific vehicle configurations

Turnaround cycles for special projects were reduced by 60 to 90%.

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Case Study: Kellenberger cuts time taken to generate customer-specific schematics by up to 90% by implementing options and variants in E3.series

The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.

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Case Study: Müller Martini enhances variant and option handling and reduces manufacturing costs by moving to an object-oriented ECAD environment

By introducing E3.series,up to 80% off all Müller Martini's machine configurations can now be selectedfrom the feature tree of one single E3.series project.

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Case Study: Stone Aerospace saves 12 weeks in cabling design using E3.series

Stone Aerospace is a partner in NASA’s Europa Clipper mission concept.

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Case Study: Weidmüller achieves reduction of up to 75% in cabinet engineering

Weidmüller is a global leader in electronics and automation products, solutions and services for industrial applications in the power, signal and data sectors.

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    Datasheet: E3.series Overview

    Electrical wiring, control systems and fluid engineering design

    6.23 MB

    Datasheet: E3.3D Routing Bridge

    Spatial Planning, Routing and Collision Checks in 3D

    1.39 MB

    Datasheet: E3.cable

    Cabling and design documentation

    4.00 KB

    Datasheet: E3.eCheck

    DC Functional analysis and circuit checks for E3.series designs

    482.90 KB

    Datasheet: E3.fluid

    Creation of hydraulic & pneumatic circuit diagrams

    702.29 KB

    Datasheet: E3.formboard

    Manufacturing documentation (formboards) for producing cable harnesses.

    989.75 KB

    Datasheet: E3.Functional Design

    From concept to detailed wiring plan

    686.80 KB

    Datasheet: E3.Harness Analyzer

    Smart collaboration for the automotive industry

    996.54 KB

    Datasheet: E3.Harness Flattening

    Fully integrated electrical and mechanical harness design

    500.61 KB

    Datasheet: E3.panel - Layout and Wiring

    E3.panel is completely integrated with E3.schematic and the ideal solution for the placement and wiring of devices in panels and on mounting plates.

    794.80 KB

    Datasheet: E3.Revision Management

    Manage Different Project States and Document Modifications

    564.08 KB

    Datasheet: E3.schematic - Control Design and Documentation

    E3.schematic provides a comprehensive, Windows® based, solution for the design and documentation of today’s complex electrical power and control systems.

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    Datasheet: E3.topology

    Distribute components and generate harnesses automatically.

    1.12 MB

    Datasheet: E3.series Viewer Family

    E3.view, E3.viewPlus, E3.redliner

    750.30 KB

    Datasheet: E3.Wiring Diagram Generator

    Automatically create wiring diagrams.

    461.61 KB
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