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E3.cable - Cabling Design and Documentation

multi-view functionalityE3.cable is a superset of E3.schematic and is used for designing and documenting cable plans and harness layouts. Individual conductors are combined together in the design to form new cables or harnesses. Shielding and twisted-pair structure can also be added to the cables and automatically shown in the schematic.

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Eclipse Aviation logo“E3.cable is built on standard relational database architecture. This gave us an open tool box to work with. This is not what we were seeing from the old names [in software solutions].”
– Mike Brown, Former Chief Information Officer

BlocksE3.cable supports block functionality, blocks can represent components, rack equipment, black boxes, PCB’s and through hierarchy whole systems and sub-systems. Connector pins are dynamically added to the blocks and signal information is displayed alongside.

multi-view functionalityViews allow alternate documentation of devices such as single-line diagrams, wiring diagram and cable plans. For example connectors can be represented as single pins in the schematic and then as the complete connector in the cable plan. Changes to any of the views, immediately updates all other views, ensuring all documentation is synchronized.

Blocks can represent Hierarchical systems and sub-systems, users can tunnel down into blocks to the level below and signals and connections can pass between levels and sub-levels. Hierarchy enables top-down and bottom-up design, promotes design reuse and provides managers with a system level overview.

electrical designE3.ExtendedConnectorHandling automatically creates special representations of connectors as used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Various options exist.

  • Automatic merger of connector graphics
  • Backshell functionality
  • Connector gender display
  • Pin usage tracking
  • Split connector continuation lines
  • Split block continuation lines
  • Block-side pin display

With E3.cable the entire electrical and electronic system is documented. During the development predefined elements are used, which are either manufactured in-house, or purchased from a supplier, where their I/O behavior is documented. The complete system is a result of the predefined elements, such as PCBs, actuators, sensors and the connections between them.

PCB design data can be imported directly in E3.cable, where a function block is generated, the interface connectors are placed and the signal definition and additional attributes are imported. Using this functionality the data flow between PCB design and system design is done with just a few clicks.

This saves a lot of time-consuming work and prevents mistakes while manually inputting. The data is transferred via an E3.series standard format, a very simple CSV file or using specific E3.series interfaces.


Case Study: Hydro-Québec Improves Greenfield Substation Design Productivity by 100% with Zuken E3.series

Hydro-Québec has simplified the design process by implementing Zuken’s E3.series cable application management software to manage both the logical and physical design and ensure their consistency.

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Case Study: Mecalac (formerly Terex GB) cuts the time taken to develop right-first-time cable harnesses for its heavy plant vehicles

Mecalac Construction Equipment UK is a global manufacturer of compact plant machinery, providing market-leading solutions that maximize return on investment.

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Case Study: Alstom improves productivity and planning by adopting a modular methodology for electrical design

After acquiring various companies around the globe in the 1990s, Alstom needed to integrate these new elements into its international corporate structure in a meaningful way.

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Case Study: ATK increases cable design productivity for space shuttle booster replacement using E3.series

ATK was tasked by NASA with designing the wiring harnesses for the booster rockets powering the replacement for the Space Shuttle while employing a team that is significantly smaller than that used on the now-cancelled Ares I project.

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Case Study: Bruker raises documentation quality and design flow efficiency for precision instrumentation with E3.series

To improve the quality of its electrical documents such as wiring diagrams,and to raise its design efficiency, Bruker AXS GmbH Karlsruhe implemented Zuken’s E3.series at all stages.

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Case Study: Emergency One controls wire harness design complexity and slashes delivery lead times with standardized design and manufacturing process

Specialist fire rescue and emergency vehicle manufacturer, Emergency One UK Ltd, uses E³.series software for its electrical harness design.

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Case Study: Kässbohrer Transport Technik achieves 60-90% reduction in electrical documentation turnaround for customer specific vehicle configurations

Turnaround cycles for special projects were reduced by 60 to 90%.

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Case Study: Kellenberger cuts time taken to generate customer-specific schematics by up to 90% by implementing options and variants in E3.series

The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.

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Case Study: Stone Aerospace saves 12 weeks in cabling design using E3.series

Stone Aerospace is a partner in NASA’s Europa Clipper mission concept.

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Datasheet: E3.cable

Cabling and design documentation

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