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Zuken’s E3.series is an essential tool for electrical designers to create quality products in the shortest time frame possible. Every aspect of design is presented with automation capabilities to ensure quality, accuracy and speed are unmatched across the design tool spectrum.

E3.Toolbox empowers designers to maximize production value by helping create precise documentation without spending time with customization for different use cases. E3.Toolbox runs inside E3.series, providing a suite of tools catering to all industries and design principles.

Features and Benefits
  • BOM on sheet and Excel
  • Automatic balloons and item numbers
  • Includes related parts search and reporting
  • Customizable options and attributes
  • BOM table in top-down or bottom-up format
  • No programming required
  • Automatic and effective splice documentation
  • 3 types of splice tables
  • Barcode for ultrasonic automated splicing
  • Wire Run List based on harness or project
  • Streamlined production using on-page or Excel reporting
  • Option to include panel wires
  • Customizable attributes and placement of information
  • Complete wire information including length, strip and insertion guidelines
E3.series Toolbox for Productivity
Bill of Materials Toolbox

The BOM toolbox gives you versatility at your finger tips. Bills of Materials can be produced for a single drawing page, an entire project, a selection of items or an assembly. The BOM can be produced on any drawing sheet or in Microsoft Excel with the click of a button.

Not only do the regular reports work in those two formats, but E3.Toolbox allows you to customize the information collected and displayed without editing or creating code. The BOM can be created top down or bottom up with various options to control the output type required. For example, users can choose whether to count up pins on connectors that are unused.

Item No. balloons are created automatically to assist with compatibility with different drawing styles and standards. The on-page BOM is created using customizable header and row symbols where text types can be added to display desired attributes. The Excel output can be customized to include all major attributes with a drop down list from your library.

Electrical Design Bill of Materials (BOM)
Wire Run List (WRL)

Generate detailed information for wires in a harness, project, sheet or sub-assembly. Include or exclude panel wires, unconnected wires and multiple other options.

The wire run list can be created in an Excel sheet or placed on the drawing page with the click of a button. This enables customized reporting without coding.

Custom attributes can be displayed to accelerate production efficiency. Symbols can be customized to manage the look and feel of the wire run list.

Wiring Info

Splices are simple, yet uniquely complicated, part of any harness assembly. Documenting a splice incorrectly or inadvertently can quickly snowball into an expensive mistake very quickly.

The E3.Toolbox splice tool assists users in documenting to perfection. The three documentation options based on the most widely used industry standards include:

  • General (standard table)
  • Spider splice (displays each wire with fanout)
  • Wire direction table (identifies the direction of wires)

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