Engineering Knowledge Base and Design Checklist

CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi

CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central database integrated with the design process. Users can attach documents, images, videos, URLs and more to ease communication of design instructions. During logical circuit design, engineers access a standard set of requirements or create project-specific instructions to create a structured checklist, driving design guidelines across the PCB design flow. Each check item is automatically or interactively associated to objects on the schematic. The checklist is used by PCB designers to guide and confirm that the board layout meets the correct design specifications.

During the design review process, Circuit DR Navi is used by design teams to communicate feedback and includes support for cross-probing with Design Gateway, Design Force, Board Viewer Advance and other CR-8000 tools to improve collaboration.

As new experiences are acquired during PCB design, new requirements can be easily imported within Circuit DR Navi’s engineering knowledge base that is integrated within the design process to drive engineering intent early on, validate requirements, and expand and share design expertise across the organization. This leads to shorter PCB design cycles, reduced product development costs, and faster time-to-market.


Developing an Integrated Electronics Manufacturing Process

Historically, companies like Lockheed Martin and Fujitsu design the boards and contract with suppliers like Sanmina to build and test them. Inevitably, issues arise during manufacturing that necessitate back and forth communication and design changes. Lacking a proper standard to facilitate bi-directional information flows, suppliers resort to ad-hoc and often inefficient means such as e-mail and phone calls to relay these design changes. It is the subsequent manual transcription and reentry of this data – and the error-prone nature of the task – that wastes time and money for both the OEMs and the PCB manufacturers.


Webinar: PCB Design Using an Engineering Knowledge Base

During this webinar we will demonstrate how to create, manage and grow an engineering knowledge base, and use that information to greatly improve your PCB design process.


Four Steps to an Integrated Knowledge-driven Design Flow

Within the engineering environment the above Latin phrase correlates well with new product development. As design cycles condense and first pass success becomes essential, the need to ensure that engineering requirements, best practices, design guidelines and lessons learned are all properly used to drive product development becomes paramount. Repeating the same mistakes, missing key requirements, and failure to follow design guidelines all cost time and money.

    Engineering Knowledge Base

    Datasheet: Circuit DR Navi - Engineering Knowledge

    CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central repository integrated with the design process.