Printed Circuit Board

PCB West 2017

September 12, 2017 – September 14, 2017 all-day
Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara
CA 95054

PCB West 2017Featuring a one-day exhibition and three-day technical conference, PCB West brings together the entire PCB industry to take advantage of unique opportunities to improve skills, increase knowledge and network with peers, colleagues and experts.

Zuken at PCB West 2017

Nano Dimension logoNano Dimension, a leader in PCB 3D printing technology will be in the Zuken booth. Please stop by and learn more about PCB 3D printing technology.

Power Integrity and Decoupling Primer for PCB Designers

Ralf Bruening, Zuken

Ralf Bruening, ZukenToday, supply voltages decrease with every new silicon generation, contributing to the goal of reducing power consumption of electronics. This and the resulting shrinking noise margins for these ICs define increasing demands for the quality and stability of power distribution systems of PCBs. Hence, tighter requirements and constraints from silicon vendors are defined for the power distribution networks (PDN) PCB designers have to follow – in conjunction with tighter decoupling schemes. Board real estate limitations, application-dependent restrictions (e.g. discrete package allowance in automotive) and cost demands further complicate the game.

In this two-hour workshop, the requirements and basics of PCB power distribution systems are explained in detail. Issues like plate capacitance, loop inductances and cavity resonance are explained without deep math. Side effects to the signal integrity and EMC behavior of board structures are discussed using illustrated practical examples. The role of decoupling capacitors and their evolution in recent years is a major part of the workshop. Guidelines for a first order covering and resolving power integrity issues are given, regardless of the PCB design and ECAD process used. Simulation capabilities addressing power-integrity during PCB design will be explained and demonstrated by slides in a generic vendor-neutral manner as a problem=solving approach. Silicon vendor support documents (e.g., constraint and spreadsheet tools) to address power integrity are introduced and discussed. Examples from various industries (e.g., automotive) will complement the session with practical application experience.

Improve Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturing Productivity with Better DfM Checks

Steve Watt, Zuken USA

Steve Watt, ZukenFlexible printed circuits (FPC) are not new. Yet, FPC is a growing segment and presents some new design and manufacturing challenges. For example, FPCs require new and different manufacturing checks compared to a traditional rigid PCB. These new DfM checks can improve design quality and manufacturing yields. This session will cover the FPC design process and the manufacturing checks that can improve your design and its manufacturability.

EDA Support and Roadmap for 3D Printing of PCBs

Humair Mandavia, Zuken USA

Humair MandaviaThe rapid evolution and widespread use of 3D printing technology brings with it new approaches to the market for electronics design and manufacturing. At the same time, the increase of new applications with molded interconnect devices (MID) and inkjet printing has spurred the growth and adoption of additive manufacturing. This presentation will cover the convergence of these technologies for 3D printing of printed circuit boards, along with some of the key challenges and opportunities in this space. Printing of electronics is unique from other applications, so we will explore how to leverage new technology to support it, along with some of the other capabilities and content that will be required as part of the EDA roadmap.