Aras ACE 2018

March 20-22, 2018 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Aras and ACE 2018 is the place where everyone comes together.

ACE 2018 is a great place to meet other users, hear what people are doing, see the latest solutions and find out what Aras has in store for the future.

Visit Zuken at Booth #7 and plan to attend our presentation on Wednesday, March 21!

Aras Ace 2018

Release to Manufacturing – Lower Your Risk and Sleep Better At Night

The release to manufacturing process is one of the most critical and error-prone in the entire product development process. This is where the design transitions from engineering to manufacturing through the PLM system. And so much can go wrong. This session will discuss how an Engineering Data Management (EDM) system can be used to create a reliable and repeatable design hand-off process.

The EDM system is engineering-facing and works in the native file formats of the authoring tools (e.g., schematic, PCB, IC, wire harness). Working at the native file format allows the EDM system to automatically generate the files, run the appropriate integrity checks and utilize different approval processes. The design data hand-off from EDM to PLM may also be for a design milestone or a time-based snapshot. The EDM system will insure file synchronization, approvals, BOM verification and the generation of the release package. If a file synchronization error is detected, the appropriate players are alerted. The result is that the PLM system receives verified design data with traceability back to the design engineer, ready for manufacturing.

Wednesday, March 21, 3:40 PM

Bob Potock, Zuken
Bob Potock, Zuken USA
Shawn Larson, Zuken
Shawn Larson, Zuken USA

Westin Indianapolis
241 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN