POWER-GEN International 2017

POWER-GEN International 2017

December 5-7, 2017 - Las Vegas Convention Center

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If you’re working with tools like Visio, AutoCAD, Excel, or even paper and pencil, there’s a better way! Those tools can produce 2D “dumb” drawings, but what they can’t do is manage both the logical AND physical design data.

Smart utility companies are leading the way in creating a seamless electrical design process where multiple teams are working together to create robust, quality-focused systems in a fraction of the time, at lower costs, with fewer errors.

Hydro-Québec improved their greenfield substation design productivity by 100% using Zuken’s state-of-the-art electrical design solution.

Visit us at POWER-GEN and we’ll show you how we can help you achieve these same results.

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Webinar: Keeping up with Tomorrow’s Electricity Demands