Space Tech Expo 2018

May 22-24, 2018 - Pasadena, California

With capabilities ranging from cryogenics, laser systems, materials, nanotechnology, imaging, environmental test, motion simulation, magnetics, capacitors, spacewire, NDT and connectors through electroforming, engineering services, precision machining, 3D printers, ground systems, mission management and reconnaissance satellites, Space Tech Expo 2018 will bring a multitude of networking opportunities through focused receptions and events for attendees and exhibitors throughout the commercial, civil and military space supply chain.

Space Tech Expo USA

Common Pitfalls of Fast-paced Electrical Systems Design from Prototyping to Production

Sanu Warrier, Zuken USA

Industry best practices and design principles have been established after trial and error done through multiple iterations by various established industries. The door for innovation is always open and blazing a new trail is the most often the best way to be part of the next evolutionary leap in technology. The road to success though has a lot of wrecks along the side, some due to not so great ideas and some due to the most common syndrome of all – not learning from others’ mistakes.

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When it comes to design and documentation, the major points of failure for electrical R&D and production designs teams alike can be summarized as follows into the following when it comes to design and documentation:

  • Narrow focus on short term gains without keeping the intermediate goals in sight.
    • Prototypes unviable for even short production runs
    • Costly errors erode competitive edge
    • Unplanned delays increase opportunity costs
  • Disconnected design tools within the electrical discipline
    • Increased errors and development time.
    • Direct impact on cost of development.
  • Out of sync Schematicsschematics, Harness harness and enclosure documentations causing manual data entry which that is extremely susceptible to human error.
    • System components not in sync with logical schematics lead to waste ofage both capital and time.
    • Multitude of small errors stack quickly to erode confidence in products and threaten project viability.

Attendees will learn the steps and processes involved with ensuring:

  • Rapid development without with minimal errors.
  • Avoiding rework to meet tight deadlines.
  • Maintaining consistency and accuracy of data across the design and driving documentation from real design data.
  • Capturing design intent that can be shared across the design teams and with stake holders to increase technical visibility.

Zuken USA believes in innovation and partnering with companies driving innovation towards success. We are proud partners of major automotive, defense, aerospace, transportation and many other industries helping the engineering teams put their best foot forward. We are happy to share the knowledge and expertise we have gained from our 40 years of industry experience.

Sanu Warrier, Zuken USA

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