PCB Design Creation

CR-8000 Design Gateway

Design Gateway is an engineering platform that brings extensive design, simulation and analysis capabilities to your desktop. It allows companies to manage and make optimal use of engineering design data across all company and team sites. Intelligent multi-board design is inherently supported in Design Gateway.

Design Gateway provides complete system circuit engineering. Native and interactive integration with a wide range of signal integrity (SI), analog, digital, and multi-technology verification tools is provided. Through this it also supports the co-simulation of analog and digital functional blocks and programmable devices. Design Gateway enables design re-use, allowing engineers to use proven and tested logical circuits from previous projects.

Central constraint management: No errors or rework as all rules and constraints are stored and accessed from one location
Embedded simulation, analysis and electrical rules checking so you can detect design errors before they propagate
Design reuse: Leverage existing reuse library of known-good circuits from previous designs
Reduce component research time with component browsing to identify existing approved components and vendors, improving component reuse and purchasing power
Initiate system-level circuit design from System Planner and exchange information at any point in the design process

Tech Tip: CR-8000 Design Gateway 2018 Function for Adding Multiple New Sheets Collectively

There’s a greatly improved option in CR-8000 Design Gateway 2018 that gives users the opportunity to add multiple sheets when creating new designs or when adding sheets to an existing design.


Developing an Integrated Electronics Manufacturing Process

Historically, companies like Lockheed Martin and Fujitsu design the boards and contract with suppliers like Sanmina to build and test them. Inevitably, issues arise during manufacturing that necessitate back and forth communication and design changes. Lacking a proper standard to facilitate bi-directional information flows, suppliers resort to ad-hoc and often inefficient means such as e-mail and phone calls to relay these design changes. It is the subsequent manual transcription and reentry of this data – and the error-prone nature of the task – that wastes time and money for both the OEMs and the PCB manufacturers.


CR-8000 2018 Boosts Process Efficiency in Advanced Single and Multi-board PCB Design

The latest release of Zuken’s system-level PCB design environment, CR-8000, has received numerous enhancements aimed at ensuring performance, quality and manufacturability.


Zuken USA Launches eCommerce for eTraining

Zuken USA now allows users to purchase eTraining online and begin your course immediately. The new purchase process allows you to create and manage your eTraining account directly. Companies can now more cost effectively purchase a block of eTraining courses and allocate them across the organization.


Tech Tip: CR-8000 Design Gateway 2018 Execute Macro to Multiple Sheets

There’s an exciting new option in CR-8000 Design Gateway 2018: “Execute Macro to Multiple Sheets. The new functionality allows you to execute macros on specified sheets all at once.


Lower Manufacturing Costs with XJTAG's New Design Gateway Plugin

XJTAG has partnered with Zuken create a new plugin for Design Gateway and is offering it free of charge. The plugin, called XJTAG DFT Assistant, helps to validate correct JTAG chain connectivity, while displaying boundary scan access and coverage onto the schematic diagram through full integration with Design Gateway. So if you are using boundary scan today or want to incorporate it in your next design, the XJTAG DFT Assistant plugin is a tool you should be using.


Endress+Hauser Standardizes PCB Engineering and Production Processes for Industrial Measurement Products Across Distributed Locations

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering.


Renishaw Gets Better Fit and Impedance Control for Complex Flexible PCBs in Metrology Instruments using CR-8000

Working in 3D for the first time, Renishaw’s PCB designers noticed a host of benefits, including fixing housing fit issues upfront and easier component placement.


ARBURG - Getting Designs Right the First Time

ARBURG is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines.


Webinar: System-level Circuit Engineering

Traditional schematic entry tools offer the ability to create a single logical design to drive a single PCB layout.


Top Tips for Multi-board Design Using a System-level Approach

In my time working with companies in the automotive, telecom/wireless and defense industries, I often hear of the many issues facing design teams as they tackle projects made-up of multiple PCBs connected by flexible PCBs, cables, or with a backplane board. Often, the challenge arises when defining and implementing the interconnects across boards, and managing changes throughout the course of the PCB design process. Today I’m going to share with you, my top tips for overcoming these issues.

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    “With design teams around the world, we need a PCB and system-level design platform that allows our teams to work concurrently and also deals with complex multi-board designs. Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force does this and more.”
    – Jerry Murray, PCB design team leader

    Datasheet: Design Gateway - Circuit Engineering

    Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs.