Lightning Power Integrity Advanced Training

Zuken Training

2-day comprehensive course

This course explores the Lightning Power Integrity Advanced tools. The three primary functions within this tool include EMC Analysis, Power Integrity Analysis and DC Analysis. General overview and theory of each of these areas will be discussed along with a comprehensive look at the functions available. This course may be scheduled at the customer site or Zuken’s Westford, MA office. Details for scheduling should be discussed with your account manager.


  • EMC Analysis
    • General Overview of EMC Analysis
    • GUI Overview of Lightning Constraints Manager
    • Lightning PI Advance GUI Settings/Views
    • Classification/Options
    • Running EMC Analysis and Review
    • Creating Common Mode Voltage Maps
  • Power Integrity Analysis
    • General Overview of Power Integrity Analysis
    • Integrity Solver, Results and Messages
    • Simulating Busses
    • Impedance Plots and Results
    • RF Circuit Options
    • Cross-probing to/from LT and PIA
    • Behavioral Impacts
    • PDS Resonances and Impacts on Frequencies
    • What-of Studies
  • DC Analysis
    • General Overview of DC Analysis
    • DC Analysis Algorithm
    • Understanding the Viewers
    • Performing Analysis and Reviewing Results
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