Lightning Scenario/Realize for EEs Training

Zuken Training

2-day comprehensive course

This course may be scheduled at the customer site or Zuken’s Westford, MA office. Details for scheduling should be discussed with your account manager.


  • Use of the Design File Manager in a Lightning Project
  • Explore Topologies in the Scenario Editor
  • Track Configuration by Configuration Editor
  • Simulation of Scenarios and Physical Designs
  • Use of Simulation Library Manager
  • Constraint Manager to Constrain, Check, and Simulate a Design
  • Setting Constraints for Ringing, Overshoot, Stub Lengths, Crosstalk, Delay, Length and Skew
  • Topology Editor to Create Constraints Obeyed by Place and Routing Tools
  • Examine the Layer Stack and Run the Field Solver
  • Design Flow for Front-end and Back-end Mode
  • Multi-board and Electrical Board Description
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