Avoid PCB & Enclosure Collisions with 3D Product Visualization

3D Product Visualization

On-demand webinar

Many companies cite ECAD / MCAD design synchronization as a significant product design challenge. Enclosures are shrinking and shapes are becoming more complex. Placing multi-PCB configurations in these complex enclosures leaves little room for error. It is estimated that 50% of complex products require at least one additional PCB fabrication to address electro-mechanical issues. 3D product visualization is the solution.

This webinar will present an approach to make ECAD / MCAD collaboration part of your standard design process. Easily import MCAD data and orient multiple PCBs within the enclosure and detect collisions. Make corrections and re-analyze.

What you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of product visualization
  • How to significantly reduce ECAD <> MCAD iterations for interference studies
  • How to manage multiple boards and their associated enclosure simultaneously
  • Conduct real time electro-mechanical co-design
  • Manage collision checking directly in the native ECAD tool

Who should attend:

  • PCB designers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers

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