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Design Data Security

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As companies face tougher and tougher competition, the secrets behind their product’s  competitive edge resides in the design IP.  But most companies have little or no design data security. And as product design operations become global, IP protection becomes more challenging.  Companies with ITAR design content face national security concerns.  Enabling design or IP access on an individual or team basis is simply not available in many design environments today.

This webinar will examine the challenges behind design data security and explore some of the solutions available today.  Some of the topics will include a project oriented design approach, limited user visibility on the library and design level and how to physically locate IP.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Limit user access to projects, libraries or design data
  • Approaches to secure board based IP or functional blocks
  • How to trace IP or ITAR content from design to manufacturing
  • Limit third party access to projects or design data
  • Physically restrict the location of IP when working in a global design process

Who should attend:

  • Project managers
  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers


Shawn Larson Senior Application Engineer

Zuken USA, Inc.

Shawn Larson, ZukenShawn Larson is a Technical Marketing Manager with over 30 years’ experience in the EDA industry.

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For the last 15 years, his focus has been on Electronic and Electrical Engineering Product Data Management (e-PDM). Shawn has deployed numerous enterprise-class engineering data management systems and is considered an expert in this area. For fun, Shawn enjoys hiking the White Mountains, an occasional marathon and good Jazz.
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