System-level Design Planning

System-level Design Planning

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Often, the planning of an electronic system is done with disparate tools that were not designed for electronic system planning. This is not only inefficient, requiring many workarounds, but later forces you to re-enter your design planning data into the design authoring tools.

With System Planner, no work is ever wasted. All design data is fed into the design process, giving engineers and layout designers a head-start. System Planner enables you to plan and optimize logical, 2D physical, 3D geometric, and parametric aspects of the system, maintaining a constant link between them. It enables you to partition the system across multiple PCBs, optimizing the functions and floor plans for each board. This allows you to optimize the performance of each board and reduce the size and/or number of boards in the overall system.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to link logical, physical, and parametric design planning together in one engineering tool, permitting you to make critical upfront decisions and propagate them into the design process, giving engineers and layout designers guidance and direction on design implementation and engineering intent
  • How to promote collaboration between design disciplines, enabling intelligent real-time trade-off analysis in a common environment
  • How to take full advantage of design reuse, from an existing reuse library or known-good circuits from existing designs
  • How to reduce the size and/or number of PCBs by optimizing floor plans and partitioning between the multiple boards in the product/system
  • How to optimize part usage, cost, availability, etc. and assess BOM quality before promoting the design

Who should attend:

  • System architects and lead hardware engineers who plan, design, partition, and optimize electronic systems
  • Directors and managers who oversee groups designing electronic systems

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