Electrical Engineering Data Management

A Practical Foundation for a True Mechatronic Data Model

The growing importance of electrics and electronics in modern products, machines and systems calls for an interdisciplinary collaboration during the early phases of the product development process (PDP), which is frequently referred to as “mechatronic engineering.” In this context, established methods, such as managing mechanical, electrical and software development data in separate environments are reaching their limitations. What is required is a comprehensive representation of all relevant information and status changes beginning from the early phases of a product development process.

In this white paper, you will find numerous tips and suggestions to achieve a future proof product development process (PDP).

Electrical engineering data management white paper


  • Identify gaps and risks in the development process (PDP) of mechatronic products
  • How to better control mutual dependencies of mechanical and electrical engineering
  • How to enable the electrical product structure for PLM

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