The Internet of Things and Modular Design

Revolutionizing Hardware Design

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) offers the potential to automatically collect detailed performance information from every device in the field at minimal cost. This field performance data can then be crunched to identify design weaknesses and improve product quality. The most powerful way to use this data is to reorganize the design process by basing it on modules that are continuously improved based on performance feedback.These optimized modules can then be shared and managed across the organization and used as the basis of the product development process, creating a closed-loop development process for the first time


  • Hardware development’s limited reach
  • Extending hardware development’s reach with IoT
  • Connecting the thing to the development team
  • The shift to modular design
  • Modular design is the bridge between development and things
  • Synergies of modular design plus IoT
Internet of Things and Modular Design

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